Missouri City residents say they will sue NFL player over dog dispute

Neighbors threaten legal action against NFL player over dog dispute

HOUSTON – Several Missouri City homeowners say living beside an NFL player has been nothing but painful for the last several months.

Linda Flowers, who lives along Beekman Drive, said Washington Redskins offensive tackle Trent Williams hasn’t been a great neighbor. Flowers, who lives next door to Williams, says on Dec. 11, her black lab named Sandy was mauled in her backyard through the fence she shares with Williams.

“We’ve been nothing but nice to him and we just want for him to understand our point of view,” Flowers said. “We have families here and we want this neighborhood to be safe.”

Williams owns ten dogs, including Pitbull mastiffs. Missouri City only allows homeowners to own four dogs and city officials say none of Williams’ dogs were registered.

A 10-day home quarantine was issued for the NFL player’s dogs following the mauling last week.

Flowers and neighbor Cecilia Hernandez said they were forced to run Tuesday morning when two of the Pitbulls got out a front gate.

“As I was outside taking video or pictures of the dogs, they started running. So I just ran for my life for the house,” Flowers said.

Henandez said her worst fear is that what happened to Flower’s dog could happen to a child in the neighborhood.

"It’s been a nightmare for the last nine months,” Hernandez said. “I personally had four Pitbulls coming at me in September, walking my dog,” she said.

Flowers has hired attorney John Kovach to issue Williams a written demand. The two-page letter asks Williams to get rid of the dogs by Jan. 1, 2020 or get sued.

“I hope and pray that he’ll be responsible. That he will take action,” said Kovach. “We’re not asking for much right now. Just to relocate the dogs. So if he does that the ball’s in his court.”

KPRC 2 has not been able to get in contact with Williams.