’It was just like a nightmare’: Woman watches 2 masked men break into her home

HOUSTON – A woman in Fort Bend County is on high alert after two men broke into her home in the Lakes of Bella Terra Subdivision. The worse part, she watched the whole burglary on her cellphone.

The two masked burglars are still on the run. Because of that, the woman doesn’t want her face, name or house shown.

The woman, who we will call Karen, shared her Ring doorbell video with Channel 2. It shows two masked men sneaking up to her back door. They arrived at 7 a.m., minutes after she left for work Saturday.

”It was just like a nightmare,” Karen said. “I was just like ... I started shaking because I was, like, are they seriously about to break into my house?”

They wore masks, covered their hair and had on gloves. Even seeing the ring camera didn’t stop them, she said.

In the video, the men are heard prying the back door open. She said she had a doorstop on the back door.

“They were in and out in four minutes and they took jewelry and a safe which contained just paperwork,” said Karen.

By the time the Fort Bend Sheriff’s Department showed up, the burglars were long gone not even a fingerprint was left behind.

“The officer told me I did everything right; but he said if they want to get in, they were going to get in,” she said. “I have an alarm. I have signs out there that say ADT.”

Karen said she believes she was being watched. She is no longer sleeping at the house and thinks she might have to move.

“I just don’t feel safe here,” she said. “The peace is gone.”

Karen said investigators talked to neighbors and looked for additional surveillance videos in the area.

She said investigators told her reports of home burglaries usually increase this time of year.