No bond for Tavores Henderson, but there is still outrage over the initial $150,000 bail offered

Despite Henderson charges being upgraded to capital murder and no bond, police groups are still angered that he was initially given a $150,000 bond after being accused of murdering Nassau Bay police Sgt. Kaila Sullivan.

HOUSTON – Today, there is growing outrage over a judge’s decision to grant bond to an accused cop killer.

While the man accused of killing Nassau Bay sergeant Kaila Sullivan never made it out of jail, many in law enforcement are saying it never should have been an option.

As the flag-draped casket carrying Sgt. Kaila Sullivan was pulled out of a hearse at a Friendswood Funeral Home, her loved ones sobbed and embraced. Their grief and pain palpable. In the midst of their sorrow, there is growing outrage.

“Last evening, I was appalled as probably most of everyone else was when I learned that the defendant was issued a $150,000 bond,” said Nassau Bay Police Chief Tim Cromie.

On Tuesday, Sullivan was among the officers assisting in the arrest of Tavores Henderson. He allegedly ran Sullivan over while attempting to escape in vehicle. That led to a manhunt, until Henderson’s arrest yesterday.

Nassau Bay’s police chief says he started receiving phone calls from outraged community members last night. He says he got on the phone with Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg.

“The D.A.’s office was still in the process of having that charge dismissed and at the same time, filing the new charge of the capital murder,” said Cromie. “D.A. Ogg assured me that her department was going to be pushing for a new bond.”

Today, Assistant District Attorney Sean Teare explained that even before Henderson was captured, he was no longer eligible for bond due to a missed court appearance for an unrelated charge.

“In no way was that going to allow him to make a bond,” said Teare. “There was never going to be an issue where this individual was going to get out on a bond after we captured him.”

Even though Henderson is now charged with capital murder and his bond denied, it hasn’t stopped law enforcement groups like the Houston police officers’ union from issuing scathing criticism.

“For the judge to allow any sort of bond, especially one this low, is imbecilic,” said Joe Gamaldi, president of the union. “He is an accused cop killer already out on multiple bonds, who went on the run after he murdered Sgt. Sullivan. The decision to even consider giving him a bond is beyond illogical and idiotic.”

The chief of police also revealed district attorneys from Galveston and Montgomery counties— where Henderson has pending felony charges— also reached out to him, saying they would keep Henderson behind bars in their jails if necessary.