Family demands answers after dog attacked, killed

A Missouri City family is upset after it believes the family dog was killed by the neighbor's aggressive Pitbull dogs.

MISSOURI CITY, Texas – A Missouri City family is demanding city officials take action after their family pet was killed while in its own backyard.

The family believes one of the neighbor’s dogs grabbed its dog through a fence and mauled the animal to death. The attack happened in the Manors at Silver Ridge subdivision.

Fort Bend County property records show the home is owned by NFL player Trent Williams. KPRC Channel 2 tried to speak with someone at the home, but got no answer. When a man did walk out of the home, he didn’t acknowledge KPRC's questions before walking into what appeared to be a guest house on the property.

“She didn't deserve this, she was a loyal dog, she was my family,” said Linda Flowers.

Flowers said she learned of the attack when her stepson called her at work on Wednesday.

“He said, 'They got her.’ I’m like, ‘well, is she ok?’ ‘No, she’s not ok,’” said Flowers.

Flowers said her dog, Sandy, was a happy loving Pitbull, Labrador mix.

“She slept with her kitties, she slept with my Yorkies, she slept with my kids,” said Flowers.

Flowers said one of the dogs at her neighbor's house grabbed Sandy through their fence and killed her. Video recorded by the family shows firefighters helping remove Sandy from in between fence poles.

“So we don't need this, we don't this in our neighborhood,” said Flowers.

Flowers and several of her neighbors said the attack was not an isolated problem with the animals on her neighbor’s property.

“I, and my children, we won't walk the neighborhood,” said HOA board member, Julie Baron.

Several residents told us of numerous instances of the dogs getting loose from their yard and being very aggressive with anyone who crossed their paths.

“When I turned around, I had four pit bulls coming at me,” Cecilia Hernandez said happened to her during a walk.

Neighbors did show Channel 2 several photos of the dogs walking on neighborhood streets and in other people’s yards.

“It's not only infuriating, it's terrifying. Your children can't walk past their neighbor's house without fear they could get mauled,” said resident Sarah Sanders.

All said they are fed up and lodged several complaints with the city. When KPRC visited the neighborhood, the dogs were kept in what looked like a specially constructed kennel in the backyard.

“This very well could have been the three-year-old little girl that was in the backyard when this happened,” said resident Ann Thompson.

Missouri City officials would only say the incident is under investigation and being handled by animal control.

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