Shooting of Sgt. Brewster hit too close to home for one family

HOUSTON – Selena Garcia, a mother of three, who lives on the 7400 block of Avenue L. says the shooting of Sargent Christopher Brewster hit too close to home.

“We were getting ready to go to my son's banquet and we are getting ready to walk out the door and all of a sudden we heard gun shots,” said Garcia.

Police say at least one of the bullets fired by 25 year-old Arturo Solis fatally wounded Sgt. Brewster, another went through Selena's window and through their Christmas ornaments stopping in their entertainment center.

Garcia says he heart dropped because while two of her children were inside the house, her 11 year old son was outside, waiting to be picked up by a family friend.

“They were screaming crying they wanted to leave the cops wouldn't let us out the house I couldn't go find my son. It was just scary,” said Garcia.

Luckily, Selena’s son got into the car, dodging the bullets. Garcia says Solis’ girlfriend , who initially called police claiming Solis hit her and was armed, ran for cover during the shooting.

“She tried to run through the driveway I don’t know if she was trying to hide behind the car,” said Garcia.