Distracted driver spotted playing trumpet behind the wheel

(KSL/NBC News) Out on the interstate, we all see drivers distracted behind the wheel with their phones, food, and personal grooming. Still, most of us have probably never seen anybody playing an instrument behind the wheel, until today.

13-year-old Brynlee Eggett and her older sister shot video of a man playing a trumpet while driving with their family on I-15 in Utah County. He had no hands on the wheel, part of the time.

She showed the video to a teacher, who thought it should be a wake-up call for other distracted drivers.

“I think it’s pretty dangerous because you can’t be using your hands to drive, and you’re also not looking at the road,” Brynlee.

“It’s a very unsafe thing to be doing behind the wheel of a moving vehicle,” said Sgt. Nick Street, with the Utah Highway Patrol.

But, unless he’s speeding or committing another moving violation, he’s not breaking the Utah careless driving law.

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