LaMarque playground designed for senior citizens

$36K playground built at Carbide Park

GALVESTON COUNTY, Texas - In LaMarque, playgrounds aren't just for kids anymore. Thursday morning will mark the grand opening of the first playground in Texas designed specifically for senior citizens.

"As we get to an aging population -- those over 65 -- you start looking at some of the major causes for hospitalization," said Stephen Holmes, Galveston County Commissioner, Precinct 3. "Many of them are falls. This will hopefully prevent some of those falls."

The new $36,000 playground at Carbide Park is equipped with exercises designed to help seniors maintain their balance and coordination. 

"Much like you see kids gathering at playgrounds, I'm hoping to see the same thing with seniors here, gathering at playgrounds and creating a social aspect for them," said Holmes.

Senior playgrounds first became popular in Europe before spreading to the United States and now Galveston County.

"Now that you're grown up, you're not too old to still play," said 63-year-old LaBrenda Lee, while navigating her way across the balance beam. "This playground is a lot of fun."

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