The Evidence Room, Episode 6 - How the Ice Pick Killer was finally caught

He was dubbed ‘The Ice Pick Killer’ after nearly two decades of murders, rapes, assaults and robberies. Danny Paul Bible finally confessed to a series of crimes after raping a woman at a Louisiana motel in 1998.

Until he started talking, the 1979 sexual assault and murder of Inez Deaton in Harris County was unsolved. After murdering Deaton, Bible also murdered Pamela Hudgins, Tracy Powers and Powers’ 4-month old son on the same day in 1983 near Mineral Wells.

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Bible went to prison for Hudgins’ murder but only served a fraction of his sentence. Deaton’s murder; however, sent Bible to death row in 2003.

On his way to death row, the prison transport van was involved in a head-on collision. A corrections officer was killed, and Bible suffered permanent injuries. Bible’s attorneys argued his injuries from the van crash, along with a host of other medical problems, should preclude him from receiving the death penalty because he was no longer a continuing threat to anyone. His attorneys also argued his range of ailments would make it difficult for prison officials to find a vein needed to administer the lethal drugs.

All arguments fell short, and Bible was executed in 2018. He gave no final statement. Hudgins’ brother provided a written statement following the execution.

“Danny Paul Bible is as vile and evil a person that has ever drawn breath; we’re glad to have witnessed him draw his last breath. I know that he will burn in hell for eternity,” Larry Lance wrote.

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