Who killed Harris County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Edd Williams?

Texas Rangers and the Harris County Sheriff’s Office are hoping someone will step forward to help solve the 1974 murder of Deputy Edd Williams.

Back on Jan. 12, 1974, Williams was working on an off-duty security job at the Victoria Manor apartment complex on Victoria Dr. near the North Freeway.

Managers of the complex were collecting rent that day and needed security. Williams was in plain clothes when two men entered the complex pretending to be potential renters. The men then pulled out guns and forced the manager, his wife, and Williams to the floor of an apartment.

One of the suspects then tried to search Williams to steal his wallet.

“As he pulled back the right side of Dep. Williams’ coat, he noticed the deputy’s badge attached to his shirt pocket,” said Sgt. Ray Garza, commander of HCSO’s Honor Guard. “When the suspect observed the badge, Dep. Williams lunged upward and attempted to grab the suspect’s weapon. The suspect stepped back, fired once; striking Dep. Williams in the chin.”

Garza said after the suspects ran off, Williams tried to track them down in the parking lot. He was then taken to the hospital where he died during surgery. Garza added that while the bullet hit Williams’ chin, it ricocheted and became lodged in his brain.

Williams’ case is the first to be featured by the Texas Department of Public Safety’s Fallen Hero Reward-Texas Remembers. The suspects in the case wore ski masks and were only described as “two black males in their early 20s - who would be in their early to mid-60s today.”

When Rangers re-opened Williams’ case, Polk County Sheriff Byron Lyons learned his gravesite was located at the Victory Place Beautiful Cemetery in Livingston. Lyons went to school with Williams’ son. However, Lyons said the grave had fallen into disrepair, including the headstone being toppled by a falling branch.

Operation Blue Remembrance restored the gravesite, including the headstone. The organization was founded by retired Baytown officer Herbert Sims.

“Every officer needs to be remembered, especially those who give their lives in performance of their duty,” said Sims.

On Friday, HCSO’s honor guard held a ceremony to honor Williams’ sacrifice and bring renewed attention to his murder.

“I’m just thankful for this family of law enforcement and these organizations for what they have done to honor Uncle Edd, this will never be forgotten,” said Sharon Eldridge, Williams’ niece.

Williams was the 11th HCSO deputy killed in the line of duty.

“One of the things that I’m certain that will come from this is there will be somebody out there that may remember something no matter small, how minute the information that they may be able to bring some more light to this case,” said Sheriff Lyons.

Lyons said Williams’ wife and son have both passed away. A representative from Congressman Brian Babin’s office also presented the family with an American Flag that had flown over the US Capitol in remembrance of Williams’ sacrifice.

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