Ask Amy: Free help to deal with home warranty issues

A home warranty is like having insurance for the appliances in your home. Something breaks and ideally, the home warranty company will fix it. But that’s not always the case. Which home warranty companies get the most complaints? And what can you do if you need help?

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Getting help for home warranty complaint issues

The main issues people have with home warranties are disputes about claims, long wait times, and vendors that don’t do the work. There is free help available if you have an issue you can’t resolve.

The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation oversees home warranty companies. They have an ombudsman that will coordinate between you and the home warranty company. They say they will help you deal with claim delays, denials, and complaints about the contractors the warranty company sent to make repairs.

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TDLR has a Residential Service Companies Ombudsman to assist consumers with issues related to RSCs, including claim delays or denials, by providing an intermediary between the RSC and the consumer when the consumer needs assistance communicating with an RSC. If you have any questions or concerns related to an RSC or your residential service contract, contact the RSC Ombudsman at 512-936-3049.

Home warranty companies with top complaints

TDLR sent us a list of the home warranty companies with the most complaints in Texas over the last 13 months.

  • HWAT Inc. (Choice Home Warranty and HWAT Inc.) - 69 complaints
  • American Home Shield of Texas Inc - 60 complaints
  • XPD Warranty Group Inc (Select Home Warranty and XPD Warranty Group Inc.) - 21 complaints
  • First American Home Warranty Corporation - 17 complaints
  • HomeSure of America Inc - 17 complaints
  • SPHWTX Inc (ServicePlus Home Warranty, Total Home Protection/Shield of Texas, SPHWTX Inc) 12 complaints

Questions you should ask when choosing a residential service company

How much will the plan cost?

How long does the plan last?

What specific items does the residential service contract cover?

Are there any limits to the coverage? Are there incidents that would not be covered?

Is there a limit to how much the company will pay?

Would a pre-existing condition void coverage?

Is there a fee for service calls?

Who will decide what company will make any repairs?

How fast will any repairs be made?

Will the plan replace an item that can’t be repaired?

Ask Amy episode on home warranties

Investigative reporter Mario Diaz looked into how other states are holding home warranty companies accountable. He joined me to talk about that and also offer some advice from his first hand experience filing claims with a home warranty company.

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