Man impersonating police officer attempted to pull 2 drivers over in Waller County, deputies say

Waller County SO searching for man who they say is posing as a police officer

WALLER COUNTY – Waller County sheriff’s deputies are searching for a man possibly responsible for two incidents of police impersonation.

The first incident happened Saturday night on Joseph Road near FM 1488.

Sheriff Troy Guidry said a woman driving in the area reported seeing a dark grey or black Dodge Charger passing her going the opposite direction. The woman reported she thought it was a deputy on their way to a call because the car had red and blue flashing lights activated.

“His lights were on when he passed her and he did a U-turn and came back up behind her,” said Guidry.

Guidry said, thinking it was a deputy, the woman pulled over. The driver of the other car quickly jumped out and approached her.

“(The driver) pulled a gun on her, told her to get out of the car in a pretty threatening manner,” said Guidry.

Sensing danger, the woman drove off and the man did not chase her. Guidry said he also checked with other agencies that patrol the area.

“No reports of anybody running traffic on that side of town at that time,” said Guidry.

Guidry said the woman believes the driver of the car is a white man. She didn’t get a good look at the person because it was dark.

Guidry said no agencies in that area use unmarked cars for traffic stops. Waller County deputies drive white, clearly marked SUVs. The department does have two Maroon SUVs with subdued markings, but Guidry said those stickers are reflective and would have lit up when hit by light.

Guidry said the sheriff’s office received a second report of a similar-looking vehicle pulling over a driver Wednesday morning in the area of FM 362 and FM 359 near the town of Brookshire. However, Guidry said he is not sure this incident is connected. He said the information came from a driver passing by the location and not from any driver who was pulled over.

Guidry said if you are concerned about whether an officer is trying to stop you, he suggests putting on your flashers and dropping your speed by 10 miles per hour while driving to a well-lit or public area before stopping.

Guidry said you can also dial 911 and confirm with a dispatcher if an officer or deputy is behind you.

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