Concerns grow over number of immigrants apprehended along Texas border

The number of immigrants apprehended along the southern border rose to levels not seen in nearly 20 years. The sharpest increase in apprehensions came from February to March, according to Customs and Border Protection data.

“It’s the busiest I’ve ever seen.”

Border patrol agent and a vice president with the National Border Patrol Council, Chris Cabrera, said he’s never experienced such rapid increases in apprehensions during his 19-year career.

“It’s increasing by leaps and bounds,” said Cabrera. “It’s insane.”

According to CBP data, the number of immigrants apprehended along the southern border jumped from 96,974 in February to 168,195 in March. The last time single-month apprehensions were that high was in March of 2001. CBP data also showed that from February to March, a 174% increase in the number of family units caught along the border, and a 101% increase in unaccompanied children.

CBP data shows the vast majority of families and unaccompanied children caught illegally crossing the border during this time are from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador. The majority of single adults caught along the border are from Mexico, according to CBP data.

CBP data also shows the number of immigrants with criminal records caught crossing the border this year has already surpassed last year’s numbers. CBP officials report 5,018 immigrants with criminal records have been caught since October, the beginning of the fiscal year. The fiscal year 2020 data shows a total of 2,438 immigrants with criminal records were caught crossing the border.

You can see the demographic breakdowns here and below is a monthly breakdown of apprehensions since the year 2000.