2 of Houston’s most prominent attorneys go toe-to-toe in statements about Deshaun Watson case

HOUSTON – Two of Houston’s most prominent attorneys traded barbs in statements regarding the Deshaun Watson case.

The Texans quarterback is facing nearly two dozen lawsuits from women claiming sexual misconduct. On March 20, attorney Tony Buzbee, who represents the women suing Watson, announced affidavits and other evidence would be handed over to Houston Police for investigation.

However, Buzbee then released a statement on Instagram indicating that would not happen. He cited concerns he raised during his mayoral campaign about the department’s management under former Chief Art Acevedo. While not claiming any type of favorable treatment, his statement raised the issue that the son of Watson’s attorney was on HPD’s command staff.

Buzbee later said it was his clients who voiced concerns about the familial relationship.

“Call it what you want, rookie mistake, tactical blunder, unforced error, I think it matters,” said KPRC 2 legal analyst Brian Wice.

Wice is critical of Buzbee for not following through with his original comments.

“Your client’s credibility, turns in large part on your credibility, and when you make a promise as a lawyer during opening statements, you better deliver,” said Wice. “When you make a promise in the court of public opinion at a press conference in your office you have to deliver that as well, otherwise, people are kind of rolling their heads and thinking ‘wait a second.’”

Watson’s attorney, Rusty Hardin, is also seizing Buzbee’s comments to cast doubt on the accusations. Hardin also addressed the issue of his son.