Spencer Solves It: Helping a Pasadena woman get $12K in dental work

Spencer Solves It: Help for woman with dental issues
Spencer Solves It: Help for woman with dental issues

HOUSTON – It’s a typical Wednesday morning and a Pasadena woman is making breakfast, but it’s not what you’d probably expect.

You see, every day, Sharon Tillotta must pulverize her food into a soggy, lumpy mush just to be able to eat it. That’s because her mouth is a disaster area.

In fact, she only has two teeth left in her upper mouth.

“I don’t have any," she said as she started to cry. “My teeth — I have no teeth. I can’t eat hardly any food.”

Tillotta is in desperate need of some serious dental work. But for the last four years, money has been tight.

That’s because four years ago, Tillotta's husband, Tony, began fighting severe kidney failure.

He was forced to leave his job as a master electrician and has spent an enormous amount of time since then in a hospital battling kidney disease and heart disease at the same time.

“My husband is such a wonderful provider," Sharon Tillotta said. "He worked so hard his whole life. He wants to work still, but he can’t right now."

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