Hurricane Harvey victim whose post went viral receives new piano

By Rose-Ann Aragon - Reporter

HOUSTON - Nearly four months after the most devastating hurricane that Texas has ever seen, one Harvey survivor is hoping to spread a song of hope. 

The storm devastated his home, taking with it their beloved piano. 

After a video a pastor produced went viral today -- he and his son, who both play, were given a gift that meant the world to them.

"It's a piece of universal language for everyone, and it's always been a part of my life," he said of the piano destroyed by the storm.

Aric Harding never really had to use words to express how he felt after their home was destroyed by Harvey he posted this:

"There's hope past this thing. And we've needed to be reminded of that a lot. There's so many stages of these things. There's the running away, then coming back and then there's been rebuilding."

He said his piano didn't make it, but it was a powerful image.

"Vanessa Carlton. She's a Yamaha artist and I guess she's kind of seen the video and sent out -- who is this guy and how can I get ahold of him?" Harding said.

Carlton was moved by Harding's message to spread God's love and hope. She worked with Yamaha to get him new a Yamaha piano.

Harding received a free $7,000 piano so he and his 14-year-old son can play and practice again.

"It's really nice. I could never even imagine us being able to get one of these ourselves," Harding said. "He's got a gold cup competition in the middle of February so he's got to get back to it."

Despite the process of rebuilding, he said his home is full.

"To have that kind of generosity. That's just one piece of all the generosity that's happened for us and a lot of people in this area," Harding said.

"Even though there's still a lot to do, maybe it's a piece of normal coming back," he said.

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