Houston Newsmakers Dec. 21: Solutions for D.C. politics, Harvey money for Lone Star College students

By Khambrel Marshall - Meteorologist, 'Newsmakers' Host

HOUSTON - Gary Polland is a proud conservative and editor of the Texas Conservative Review. He says President Trump is doing some good things. 

“I think his public policy, instincts and broader things are really quite good. I think he knows how to play the media,” Poland said.

But he said, “He has a problem with tweeting, which I don’t think he should be doing because I think it distracts from the message.”

Polland is a guest this week on Houston Newsmakers with Khambrel Marshall and says Washington D.C continues to be dysfunctional and that the lack of compromise is a key factor. 

“The system produces the most partisan of Republicans and Democrats to go into office. They get into office they don’t deal with the other side. They don’t socialize with the other side. They don’t legislate with the other side,” Polland said. 


Jay Aiyer is an attorney and assistant professor at the Barbara Jordan/Mickey Leland School of Public Administration at Texas Southern University.

He said the president’s mannerisms also get in the way of his message.

"He continues to use language, I think by most accounts would just be simply unacceptable, never mind for the president of the United States but unacceptable in daily discourse and that, I think undermines not just him but the presidency itself," Ayier said. "He lamented the fact that the United States is slipping in the eyes of the rest of the world. 

“The United States is no longer the leader of the free world. The United States is no longer viewed as the leading force. Based on international polling, the United States is now third behind China,” Aiyer said. 

Great conversation from both of these guests about the Trump presidency one year in and the impacts domestically and internationally. 


In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, the Texas Workforce Commission has awarded millions of dollars to increase the work force to help rebuild the region. Lone Star College received $1 million to support 3,000 students. 

Linda Head is the associate vice chancellor for Workforce Education and says it’s great to help the unemployed and get Houston back on its feet. 

“We’ve added 12 new programs. We already had six,” she said. “From framing and drywall in a house to pipefitting to Baytown and Beaumont and everything in between” there are classes available for those who qualify and the college will walk applicants through that process. Find out who and how to apply.

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• Jay Aiyer, Ph.D. Assistant Professor,  Barbara Jordan/Mickey Leland School of Public Administration, Texas Southern University, (713)313-4804, email: aiyerj@tsu.edu  www.bjmlspa.tsu.edu/faculty/jay-aiyer-esq Twitter:@bjmlspa      
• Gary Polland, Editor, Texas Conservative Review, 713-621-6335, www.TexasConservativeReview.com Email; Gary@TexasReview.com   

• Linda Head, Associate Vice Chancellor, Workforce Education, Lone Star College, 281-618-5604 www.loneStar.edu/RebuildHouston Twitter: @LoneStarCollege

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