High winds causing power outages in Houston area

By Sally Mamdooh - Reporter

HOUSTON - High winds kept some Houston-area neighborhoods in the dark. CenterPoint Energy crews have been busy Saturday working on restoring power, which has been turning on and off, leaving thousands of Houstonians without power.

Maria Guzman says she lost power twice Saturday and she is living off her generator. But the longer she is in the dark the more worried she gets about her daughter, who lives with her and is on life support.

“I just wonder how long it’s going to be because she is on a life support supply system and she needs electricity, for sure,” Guzman said. 

Just a couple of blocks down. another family is also in the dark.

“There has been no power all day,” Kelly Tamayo said. 

Tamayo was trying to warm up her home for her family and pets.

“We have pots of water on the stove, boiling it, trying to keep it warmer,” Tamayo said.

Others in her neighborhood were spotted sitting in their cars, using their car heaters to warm up.