Couple throws 'Texans' wedding

Bride wears bejeweled Texans dress

HOUSTON - For the last two years, Renee Venegas and Damon Parrott have been inseparable, falling in love while rooting for the Houston Texans. 

"He was at the top of the list on the roster so I picked number one," said Renee. 

So after Damon proposed, he asked his bride-to-be another question. 

"Jokingly, Damon said, 'Hey I got an idea. Why don't we have a Texans themed wedding?' And I'm like, 'That's awesome,'" Renee said.

"I really didn't think she would go with it and she took off with it," said Damon. 

Renee was certainly off and running with plans for a Texan's cake, a football field, and a crowd of family and friends sporting Texans jerseys. The officiant also served as referee and a mini Toro mascot even made an appearance with the ring bearers. 

"We started planning this way before the season even started," said Renee.

As the bride walked down the aisle toward her groom, in her Texans bejeweled dress, it was a bonus that the Texans are on a winning streak, with a 10-1 record so far this season. 

With their Texans color-themed rings slipped on their fingers, it was time to kiss the bride. But after their first kiss, flags were thrown. 

"The parents weren't sure that the kiss was sincere, so they both threw review flags," said officiant and wedding referee Mike Parrott. 

After a second try at the kiss, the officiant announced the couple as husband and wife. 

Now Renee and Damon plan to celebrate wedded bliss and hopefully the continued success of their Texans.  

"All I got to say is Texans Super Bowl bound," said Renee.