Spending spree: Boy buys more than $1,700 of Walmart merch on his mom’s phone, reports say

Ayaansh Kumar ordered $2,000 worth of furniture from Walmart. (NBC New York)

MIDDLESEX COUNTY, N.J. – In a hilarious accident, a New Jersey boy purchased more than $1,700 worth of accent chairs using his mother’s cellphone.

“This came as a surprise to us, as we never thought that he would place that many orders,” the boy’s father, Pramod Kumar, of Middlesex County, New Jersey, told Fox News. “We have been getting packages all week now and are running out of space in our home. Today we got two more big packages.”

The boy’s mother said the family only needed two to four chairs, but he ordered what she’d saved in her online cart -- 10 to 12 chairs -- $1,786 in furniture, CNN reported.

“He placed all of the orders, and I didn’t see my email until days later,” the boy’s mother, Madhu, said. “Soon the packages started arriving.”

The family, according to reports, said they have decided to keep some of the items as a memory of what happened and the time their son went viral with his spending habits.

The family is hoping to work with Walmart on the returns.

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