Welcome to Harajuku: KPRC 2′s Rose-Ann Argon explores Tokyo district full of culture, energy and fashion

HARAJUKU, TOKYO, JAPAN – In Japan, the culture is just as vibrant as the Olympic games. KPRC 2′s Rose-Ann Aragon experiences a district in Shibuya, Tokyo called Harajuku.

Harajuku is a place that breathes culture, energy and “kawaii.”

“Kawaii is ‘cute’ in Japanese,” Muya Okada, Harajuku Tourist Information Center, said.

Cute, though, is a culture to Japan’s youth, and in Harajuku, “kawaii” is the theme and energy behind the spirit of the community.

Takeshita Street is 1400 feet of shops, restaurants, animal petting shops and vibrant fashion. Harajuku is renowned as the birthplace of many fashion trends in Japan. It’s no wonder that the street is filled with colors, patterns, fashion and fun.

While the streets are not as packed as they usually are in Tokyo amidst the rotating crowd of locals, elegant ladies in long skirts and umbrellas (what appears to be the everyday trend), sits at the Mo Mon Shop, which Tomoko “Momo” Watanabe has owned for decades.

“Thirty years! Thirty years! Yeah!” Watanabe said.

Watanabe makes handmade goods and sells clothing, shoes and accessories-- Harajuku style!

“[The shoe’s] sole is very high!” Watanabe said.

Fun and flare just about everywhere!