Police officers across the US have quit their jobs in recent days. Here is where there have been resignations

(CNN) -- Since George Floyd's death three weeks ago, the role of America's criminal justice system has been catapulted to the forefront of national conversation with thousands calling for sweeping changes within the country's policing system.

Protesters have called on their community leaders to hold officers accountable and defund police departments -- in hopes those funds could be redirected toward other programs.

And many local leaders have responded, signing orders changing how departments operate, promising further reform and acting quickly on incidents of police brutality that have surfaced in recent weeks.

But as anger bubbles in parts of the country, some US police departments are facing their own crises and some officers have now opted to walk away.

In Minneapolis

In Minneapolis, at least seven police officers resigned from the department since protests sparked by Floyd's death in late May flooded the city's streets. More than half a dozen officers are also in the process of leaving, a city spokesperson told CNN.

The number of officers who are no longer with the department doesn't include the four men who were involved in Floyd's death and were fired, according to Casper Hill, the city's spokesperson,

"There's nothing that leads us to believe that at this point the numbers are so great that it's going to be problematic," police spokesman John Elder told the Minneapolis Star Tribune of the departing officers, which include both patrol officers and detectives.