WATCH: Holocaust survivor gets heartwarming surprise from U.S. military band


TEL AVIV – The youngest survivor of the Dachau concentration camp got a beautiful surprise from a U.S military band for the anniversary of his liberation.

According to an article on NBC News, Abba Naor, 92 was 17 years old when he was liberated from the concentration camp on April 25, 1945.

For the 75th anniversary of his liberation, the band played the Israeli national anthem for Naor via zoom.

“Watching the Americans made me feel very good, and it gave me the opportunity to say thank you for liberating me, this was a big honor,” Naor told NBC News.

Naor told NBC News that on April 25 he and other survivors were forced to march for days without food or water and anyone who couldn’t walk was shot. It was not until May 2 that he was officially liberated, but had the Americans come a day later, he would not be alive.

“The Americans gave us a new life and you can’t forget this, we’re not forgetting,” he told NBC News. “They brought us back to life, if they only came one day later no one would be alive and this is something you can’t forget.”

Naor now has two children, five grandchildren and ten great-grandchildren and has worked to keep the memory of the Holocaust alive by traveling back to Dachau often and giving between dozens of lectures each year to the German army, school children and to universities, according to NBC News.

Visit the NBC News website to read more about Naor.

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