KPRC 2 Senior Scholarship: Meet Elizabeth Ogolo, a senior hoping to help others

KPRC2 teams up with Texas Mattress Makers to give away the fourth scholarship for students heading to college.
KPRC2 teams up with Texas Mattress Makers to give away the fourth scholarship for students heading to college.

HOUSTON – KPRC 2 and Texas Mattress Makers are surprising 20 deserving high school seniors with scholarships. All students selected for scholarships have been nominated by their high schools.

On Wednesday, a $2,500 Senior Scholarship was awarded to Elizabeth Ogolo from Elsik High School. KPRC 2′s Owen Conflenti surprised the senior during her class.

Meet Elizabeth Ogolo

Where compelled you to help others?

When I was going through my situations and circumstances, I really had wished there someone there to help me. That didn’t really come a lot. I thought If I was able to see something happening to someone else, knowing that I wanted that help, I just wanted to offer myself to help somebody else. I just wanted to be there. Everyone is always busy. Teachers are busy with kids and parents are busy with their job. There’s nobody always looking out for individuals. When I can I just try to be that person to help.

Helping others, how did that lead you to Neuroscience?

Neuroscience came from my knee surgery. When I had my knee surgery, my nerves in that area were damaged by the way of the surgery. And that got me thinking. I’m a curious person and when I don’t know the answer, automatically my brain is like, “what is it?” I started searching, and I looked into nerves. I like psychology. The schools I was looking at don’t have psychology majors. I like nerves, I like medicine and I like something that will get my brain going all the time, and neuroscience was perfect.

Do you know where you want to attend?

I recently got admitted to Stanford University and the University of Texas. I really don’t know yet. Coming around March, we will see.

What advice do you have for a young person who has a challenge, who is struggling?

Speak out, I didn’t know there was help. I always felt alone because I felt so consumed by what was going on. I didn’t have the courage at the time to ask for the help that I needed. Speak out. If you have something going on and you need help, there is always somebody out there willing to help you. Just like I was able to find somebody to help, there is somebody out there that can help you. They won’t know until you say something. Not all signs or body language are discernible.

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