VIDEO: Thief steals handmade Christmas wreath from small Friendswood boutique

FRIENDSWOOD, Texas – The Silver Bee Boutique said it attracts customers who are looking for one-of-a-kind clothes and decorations designed by local artists. But on Nov. 25, the small business attracted the eye of a thief.

The stolen wreath was handmade. The co-owner of the boutique said it was worth $170 and she realized it was missing on Sunday.

Surveillance video showed a woman who appeared to be an ordinary customer, browsing through different displays. However, when she saw the wreath, she took it off the wall. The woman was seen on camera pulling a white bag out of her purse, placing the wreath inside and walking out of the boutique.

The boutique co-owner said the crime hurts both local artisans and the business. Rosemarie Welch, the artist who created the wreath, said she was heartbroken when she learned that someone stole her hard work.

“I couldn’t believe it, really, cause there was a lot of money put into that wreath," Welch said. "When I look at it, it’s something taken away from me because its part of my income that goes with it.”

The boutique is hoping the woman who stole the wreath will be found. They are also asking for people to be on the lookout for the wreath, which could be sold online or hanging on someone’s front door.

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