10 ways to de-stress in Houston this holiday season


HOUSTON – Your holiday to-do list is already as long as your arm and it’s going to get a lot longer as parties and events and the actual holiday inch closer to happening on your calendar, so add one more to your list now: de-stress yourself.

Here are 10 ways to bring down the tension this holiday season. Add one -- or all 10 ideas -- to your to-do list now. Seriously. You’re going to need it.

1. Get a massage at a Houston spa.

Release the tension already built up from work, Thanksgiving dinnertime political discussion and lugging out the Christmas decorations with a massage. There are plenty of reputable massage businesses in Houston. Do a little research in your area and you’re sure to find a great retreat. It’s a good idea to find a place close to home so you can continue relaxing with a big glass of water after your treatment.

2. Get your nails done.

It doesn’t matter whether you always get your nails done or not, getting your nails done in a stress-filled time makes you feel more polished and put together. No one has to know you’ve got more in-laws to buy for than there are hours before Christmas.

3. Eat some amazing noodles to warm the soul.

Houston knows its noodles. Have you tried pho? As devotees know, there’s always a pho place around the corner, but the best places are those without fluff. Try one of the Pho Binh locations for starters. The trailer is the best. And don’t get us started on ramen. Here’s one of our favorites.

4. Get some help with the small stuff.

It’s easy to think you can do everything on your own. Don’t. Get some help with the small stuff by enlisting your own army of elves. If Santa does it, you can, too. Try the TaskRabbit app for chores or Favor for deliveries.

5. Get your groceries delivered or pick up curbside.

The grocery game is getting seriously competitive and you get to benefit this holiday season. Try out delivery or pick up curbside. The experience can be magical -- like you have your own team of unicorns bringing eggs and cereal up your driveway. Here are a few options.

6. Eat a great piece of pie.

Stress eating isn’t a good thing, but a good piece of pie when you need it, is definitely a good idea. The pecan pie at Goode Company can’t be beat, and basically anything on the House of Pies dessert menu will bring you back from the brink.

7. Get your car cleaned.

You’re probably driving more than you think you are. Get your car cleaned and feel how better it feels to look for your vehicle in the sea of cars at the Galleria. And it’s even better when you get in and don’t feel your kid’s gum under your seat. Here a few tips on all those extras car washes offer in case you were wondering.

8. Go to a nap bar.

Blessed, blessed sleep. Get more of it. Even if you have to pay for it.

9. Have a great cup of tea.

There are tons of places to grab a tea in the Houston area, but when was the last time you actually slowed down and sipped a cup -- not slurped it down for the primary objective of its caffeine content? Try a trip to Path of Tea. You get to pick your cup and your brew and sit down for a leisurely conversation with friends or just experience a moment of solitude to reflect on why you’re doing all you do, not just what lies ahead.

10. Go to a wine bar.

If the tea fails, try wine. Enjoy responsibly. Here’s a great list.

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