‘Cooking and crying.’ Lydell Grant spends Thanksgiving with his family after nearly a decade in prison

HOUSTON – Both Lydell Grant and his mother, Donna Poe, used the same word — overwhelming — to describe the emotion they feel during this year’s Thanksgiving celebrations at their home. For the first time in nearly a decade, Grant was able to spend Thanksgiving with his family.

“To be back at home on Thanksgiving and just to back at home period, I can't really describe it,” said Grant.” My mom, she stayed up all night cooking.”

In 2012, Grant was sentenced to life in prison for the 2010 murder of Aaron Scheerhoorn outside a Montrose area bar. Grant always maintained his innocence.

“This is what got me through the nights,” Grant said as he held a Bible. “I trusted and believed in God.”

BACKGROUND: How did Lydell Grant get convicted for murdering a man he says he never met?

Recently retested DNA evidence found under Scheerhoorn’s nails implicate a different suspect — one his defense attorney said has a violent history.

Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg supported grant’s release from prison on bond while the case is re-investigated. Grant was released on Tuesday.

“I was very overwhelmed, I'm looking around and I just think that he's home,” said Poe. “I did have me a moment I had to go in the corner and wipe my eyes before he came down because I'm down here cooking and crying. I'm just so, so happy.”

As he basked in the love of family members who gathered to celebrate the holiday, Grant said he wanted to focus on the positive and celebrate the small things in life most people take for granted.

“Walking on carpet, walking on grass, taking a bath, sleeping in total quietness,” Grant said. “A million tiny things I can speak and I really miss.”

As he removed the covers from trays of stuffing, sweet potato pies, turkey and peach cobbler, Grant said he knows the case against him is not over but he is confident his name will eventually be cleared.

“No matter how dark your days are, at the end, God will make sure that you see brighter days and these are brighter days,” said Grant.

Grant and his family are now pushing for him to be declared innocent. His next court date is Tuesday.