Recording studio owner wanted for sexual assault of a child and human trafficking

HOUSTON – An owner of a recording studio is wanted by police for trafficking two teen girls, assaulting and prostituting them, according to court records.

Otis. C. Berry has a warrant for sexual assault of a child, human trafficking and compelling prostitution after he and his brother, Tyrone Berry, held two 16-year-old girls against their will while forcing them to perform sex acts for food and water.

Harris County authorities were made aware that one of the girls had runaway from home and that had been trafficked on June 14. One of the girls told authorities that she and her friend were both runaways and that they had been forced to have sex with the Berry brothers.

The two runaways were originally picked up and forced into prostitution for two days by two unidentified men before being dropped off at a hotel where they met Tyrone Berry, who worked at the front desk of what has been determined to be the North Villa Inn at 16510 North Freeway in Houston.

It was soon after they encountered Otis Berry, also known as Big Face Tulu. They were told he owned a recording studio and that is where they stayed for four nights.

One of the girls said they were forced to have sex with Otis Berry, Tyrone Berry (aka Big Mike) along with family members, friends customers of the studio.

Court records show that the girls were rarely fed but instead were given a drug called X-Os, weed and alcohol. The girls were also told not to tell the cops and if they did the two men knew their identities and where the family lived.

After four days, the girls were dropped off at a Walmart because they were told they complained too much. The girls then contacted the authorities.

Tyrone Berry has since been arrested and booked into Harris County Jail on felony sexual assault of a child, human trafficking and compelling prostitution charges. Otis Berry remains at large.