Welcome to a faster, more modern Click2Houston.com

Here is an image of the new Channel 2 website.
Here is an image of the new Channel 2 website.

HOUSTON – Welcome to a faster, more modern Click2Houston.com

Today, Click2Houston.com is changing with faster load times, an updated design and new content that makes it easier to find information most important to you.

The sleek, new design loads pages 300 percent faster than before and the improved performance saves you time.

Do you have feedback on the changes? Share them below in the comments.

Here’s what exactly you can expect:

Find your town

You can find a section that has news just about your town under our Find Your Town section.

Things To Do

Our new Things To Do section features events, places to take your family, where to eat and drink and more.

Improved video

You can watch KPRC 2 newscasts live, or replays for stories on the site. Our new video player improves quality, speed and reliability for livestreams and video on demand.

Easier-to-find stories

Our new site menus are easier to navigate. We hope this new site makes it easier to find news that’s important to you.

New weather page

It will help keep you safe during extreme weather, explain local conditions and helps you plan for the hours and days ahead.


Q: Why did you change your website?

A: We continuously make enhancements to give our readers a better experience. It’s our goal to provide you with the best possible journalism wherever you prefer.

Q: What looks different?

A: The entire site has new fonts, and article pages have a new design that better fit mobile devices.

Q: Will everything from the site today still be available?

A: Yes. All stories, photos and video migrated over from our old site.

Q: What about my existing bookmarks and links? Will they still work?

A: Yes, your bookmarks and links should automatically redirect. If you find a link that’s not working, please let us know by emailing click2houston@kprc.com

Q: Will I have to change my username and password?

A: No, you will continue to log in with your current user ID and password. The site should remember you

Q: Will the new site remember me or will I need to login again?

A: The site should remember you. Having trouble? You can contact us to help.