'I caught him': Dayton police officer delivers baby in pickup truck


DAYTON, Texas – A regular day of patrolling took another turn for one Dayton police officer after he found himself delivering a baby -- out of a pickup truck. 

On Thursday, Officer Davis Meyers, along with Officers Jasmine Fontenot and Juan Gonzalez, had responded to a call regarding a woman on Orchis Road who was in labor with contractions that were consistently two minutes apart, police said.

When the officers arrived at the scene, they found the woman, Kelly Major, sitting inside the front seat of the truck while having contractions that were now less than one minute apart, police said. Meyers jumped into action once he realized they didn't have enough time to get the woman to a hospital. 

"With contractions so close, we knew the baby was going to come before EMS arrived, so I just had to help," Meyers said. 

Officers Fontenot and Gonzalez coached and encouraged Major to keep breathing. 

"The baby came out and I caught him," Meyers said. "He started to cry right away, so we knew he was OK." 

Meyer said he's no midwife, but even though it was his first time delivering a baby, he remained calm. 

The baby boy was placed on his mother's stomach until EMS arrived, which was three to five minutes after the delivery.


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