Harsh words erupt in Twitter spat between Turner, Abbott over Hurricane Harvey money

Turner uses words 'money grab'; Abbott counters, 'Where did all the money go?'

HOUSTON – It's a war of words stretching from Houston to Austin, with homeowners still trying to recover from Hurricane Harvey stuck in the middle.

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner and Gov. Greg Abbott have been attacking each other on Twitter over federal dollars for housing and flood mitigation.

What started the Twitter spat?

On Friday, Abbott announced that $4.3 billion in federal funding for flood mitigation would be handled through the state's General Land Office, rather than being distributed to local cities and counties as other federal monies have been in the past. 

On Monday, Turner took to Twitter, calling the action a "money grab."

Abbott responded, citing the city's slow progress in repairing and rebuilding homes damaged during Harvey. 

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