Sugar Land City Council approves several tax rate hikes

Sugar Land logo from City of Sugar Land website

Sugar Land City Council approved a $272.6 million 2020 budget at its meeting Sept. 17 and along with it, they approved a tax rate hike of 33.4 cents, the city announced in a press release Thursday. 

The city says these changes would "directly benefit residents and enhance the quality of life in Sugar Land with little change in the average residential tax bill." 

What this means for residents' wallets

Residential Tax:

"Overall the average residential tax bill will only increase $24, or approximately 2 percent, due to a strategic increase to the homestead exemption from 10 percent to 12 percent approved by the City Council in June," the city wrote in the release. 

Water Utility Rates:

The city has also instituted a 5% increase to water and wastewater rates and a 10% increase to surface water fees in January 2020. This means residents' monthly bills will see an approximate 7% increase which amounts to an average $5 more per month. 

Solid Waste Rates:

Solid waste rates will increase by 2.5% — from $18.91 to $19.38 — consistent with the contract for services. 

What this means for program funding

  • The city will give priority to increasing funding for infrastructure, rehabilitation for streets, sidewalks, facilities, parks and drainage 
  • They will continue to invest in technology to enhance traffic and mobility responsiveness 
  • They will supplement traffic safety resources 
  • They will prioritize the final phases of projects previously approved by voters 

You can find more information about this on the Sugar Land city website