Many undocumented immigrants hunker down as ICE raids take place in Houston area


HOUSTON – ICE raids are underway, but Living Water Ministries, which turned itself into a sanctuary site Saturday, is still empty. Many undocumented immigrants have hunkered down.

They've been stocking up on groceries and making plans to stay in their homes with the lights off and the blinds down. Some are staying home from work, while others are posting signs inside their homes reminding them what to do if ICE agents show up. Unsure of where to turn, they're flooding hotlines with calls.

Houston has 600,000 undocumented immigrants, but ICE plans to target 2,000 undocumented immigrants in the 10 cities where the raids are underway. They plan to focus on apprehending violent criminals and felons. 

Immigrant advocate Cesar Espinosa has spent the day hitting areas like the flea market and educating people there through flyers on their rights if they were to come into contact with ICE agents.

Some of the people working at the flea market say they've noticed a drop in the number of customers shopping at the flea market Sunday since many of their customers are immigrants.