Deputy called hero after saving baby's life using CPR during traffic stop

BERKELEY COUNTY, S. Car. – What started as a traffic stop for speeding quickly turned into a dramatic rescue as a hero deputy sprung into action to save a 12-day-old infant.

All of it was caught on Deputy William Kimbro's body cam.

"Let me have the baby let me have the baby," Kimbro said to the mother. 

"What's your baby's name?" Kimbro said.

"Riley," the mother said.

The 12 day old girl was unresponsive. Her mom tells Kimbro she stopped breathing after drinking a bottle

"I'm gonna put her on your lap," Kimbro says. "I'm gonna check for a pulse. OK I got a pulse."

He never stops talking to the newborn as he calls for help and makes sure she is breathing.