Issues most important to Texans ahead of Democratic presidential debate

HOUSTON – Immigration and border security remain top concerns for Texas voters, according to the latest polling in March from the University of Texas and the Texas Tribune.

Those two issues are sure to be hot topics when 20 Democratic presidential hopefuls take the stage for two nights of debates in Miami this week. 

What is the biggest issue?

"Particularly the current crisis on the border, between the detention of children and the abysmal, horrid conditions that the children are living in," said Rice University political science professor Mark Jones. 

What voters want to hear from the Democratic Party

Jones said voters in Texas and across the nation want to hear detailed, practical solutions, something he says Democrats have struggled with in the past. 

"I think a lot of Democrats don't live in the real world, just as many Republicans don't, as to what is possible to actually improve the status quo, not present proposals that are going to be rejected by Republicans," Jones said. 

How will Democrats address the crises at the border?

Securing the border and how to pay for it is the other part of this complicated issue that the 20 Democratic presidential candidates will need to have a plan for if they hope to win over Texas voters. 

"Realistic immigration reform from the Democratic side does have to involve some type of greater border security and some move to crack down on the open borders," Jones said. 

When is the debate?

You can watch the first Democratic presidential debate on KPRC Channel 2 at 8 p.m. Wednesday and Thursday.

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