Houston rapper Bun B pulls gun to fend off robber during wild home invasion

HOUSTON – Local rapper Bun B and his wife were victims of a home invasion at their Houston residence, but they didn't stay victims for long, the rapper pulling a gun to defend his wife and home, police said.

"You have the right in Texas to defend both your wife and your home. That’s what Bun did," attorney Charles Adams said.

Police said Bun B, whose real name is Bernard Freeman, and his wife were at their home on Knight Road when their doorbell rang around 5:45 p.m. Tuesday.

The rapper's wife answered the door, and a man forced his way inside the home and had a gun and pointed it at her head, according to police.

"There is emotional trauma associated with having a gun put to your head or having to risk your life to save your wife's life. They are doing ok today," Adams said. 

VIDEO: Man accused of breaking into Bun B's home appears in court

The man tried to rob the couple, and Bun B's wife told him to take the Audi in the garage, according to police.

Police said Bun B, who was upstairs in the home, heard what was happening and got his gun. Bun B's wife told the rapper the man was in the garage. Police said Bun B confronted the man there and shot at him and the man returned with gunshots of his own. 

Demonte Jackson is accused of breaking into Houston-area rapper Bun B's home.

The man managed to get away but showed up at Pearland Medical Center with a gunshot to his left shoulder, Houston police said. 

"In a testament to her courage and her love for her husband she was originally afraid he was there to cause harm to her husband. it turns out he was just randomly tried to get into homes according to the security guard on property," Adams said. 

Demonte Alif Jackson is now charged with two counts of aggravated robbery with deadly weapon and burglary. 

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