Truck plows into family's northwest Harris County home

HOUSTON – Part of James McCann’s home at 4734 Hidden Springs Road looks like it has been hit by a tornado, but the devastation is not the work of Mother Nature.

“We walked out and we see a truck that's driven into the side of our house,” McCann said. 

Out of nowhere, McCann said a green pickup truck took out two mailboxes before running into his garage. 

“We can't go inside. It's not stable. One little thing could move (and) it could fall down and hurt someone,” McCann said.

McCann said the incident compromised the structural integrity of his garage. He said the walls of his garage are hanging by a thread.

“The walls are actually sitting on top of the ladder and the ladder is holding the walls up,” McCann said.

He said the driver inside the truck walked away without being arrested or cited.

“The guys inside wouldn’t fess up to who was driving the truck,” McCann said.

McCann said him and his family of seven could have gotten hurt and that someone must be held liable. He said he had just renovated the home after it flooded during Hurricane Harvey.

“We are just very lucky that nothing else happened,” McCann said.

He said the driver’s insurance will pay up to $50,000 to fix the damages and his homeowner’s insurance will cover the rest. 

KPRC reached out to Precinct 5, which is investigating this incident and has yet to receive a comment on why the driver was not held criminally liable.