Local woman looks for answers after U.S. Postal Service loses her husband's cremated remains

BAYTOWN – A Baytown woman says she's waited about a month for the U.S. Postal Service to deliver her deceased husband's ashes. 

Carol Nash said she had her husband cremated after he died in Dallas. She said she recently moved back to Baytown to be closer to her family. The funeral home shipped his remains, but she has not received them.

Nash wants closure but said finding that peace lies with the Postal Service finding her husband's ashes.

"She was going to ship them because I didn't want her to be alone in picking up the ashes by herself in Dallas," said Nash's daughter, Madeline Nash. 

Looking back at the memories can be hard for Carol and Madeline Nash.

"He was a good man," Carol Nash said. 

"He was always making jokes, he was always a funny person. He always made us laugh," Madeline Nash said. 

She said her father, 57-year-old Matthew Nash, died from a blood clot earlier this year.

Carol Nash said she and Matthew Nash were married for 37 years and recently lived in Dallas, but she recently moved to be closer to Madeline Nash in Baytown. Carol Nash said she paid $100 to the funeral home to have her husband's ashes shipped to her overnight. 

"It's kind of hard to trust the post office now because of this," she said.

 According to her tracking number, her husband's ashes should have arrived by Feb. 20, but almost a month later it appeared the package hasn't left Dallas. 

"That's not good, it's not good to be able to not put someone to rest, because of the post office. So ridiculous," Carol Nash said.

"I don't understand how that's feasible. How do you have a tracking number and it's not being tracked and you don't know where it's at? That's the purpose of a tracking number," Madeline Nash said. 

In a statement, the Postal Service said it offers a sincere apology for the unintended delay in delivering this important package. The Postal Service said it is taking every possible step to find the package, which includes using special dogs to help locate it. 

Carol Nash hopes it's soon, so Matthew Nash can rest in peace next to their son Mark, who died 15 years ago after he was hit by a car. 

"We need to go in take him to where my brother is buried, that's what he would have wanted," Madeline said.