Want to celebrate Texas this holiday season? Here are a ton of Lone Star State-themed gifts you will love

Etsy/State Line/Tony's Train Xchange/USGS.gov
Etsy/State Line/Tony's Train Xchange/USGS.gov

HOUSTON – Got some Texans on your Christmas shopping list? There is an amazing array of gifts available for the geographically-inclined.

KPRC2 scoured the internet for some of the most interesting gifts for everyone who loves their own slice of Texas.

1. For the funny relative or friend

Texas Humor is not only a hilarious Instagram account, it’s also a website with an excellent gift shop.

From Texas y’alliday sweaters to a poster of the ten Texas commandments, you’re sure to find something great for that special someone with a sense of humor.

2. For the history buff

Houston was just at the center of history with the memorials for President George H.W. Bush, and particularly the train that carried the president to his final resting place in College Station. The Bush 4141 train models are now available for pre-order, starting at $169.95.

3. For the cook

Your kitchen will scream “Houston” with this tea towel that features the iconic tiles on Houston’s curbs. A lot of splash for a little cash. $18.

These wooden spoons scream “Texas kitchen,” and for $9 each, you can get every kind. We especially like the “I’m fixin’ to” and “Texas teaspoon” options.

These cutting boards are a stunning addition to a Texas cook’s kitchen. You can get it personalized with the family’s name and pick between hickory, maple, white oak or mahogany. $53.74-$62.45.

For the ornament collector and new Texans: These wooden Christmas ornaments in the shape of Texas are especially great for people who have moved to Texas recently. The “first Christmas” memory will be tucked away with the ornaments only to be cherished anew each year. $20.36.

For the jewelry person: We also love these Texas necklaces that have heart cutouts for your hometown. Starting at $22.72.

These bluebonnet necklaces are a great way to wear and celebrate the state flower. Starting at $22.40.

4. Get cozy with Texas

This fun fleece blanket shows the entire state as you likely saw it in school on a drop down map. A great gift for those who like geography and comfort. $60.

5. For the homebody

Houston is home, so make it part of your home with these street carving maps. They’re surprisingly affordable with recent sales. $115.

If you want a more delineated map, this wood map with each neighborhood spelled out from Etched Atlas starts at $59.

For a more artistic view of Houston, this Nataly Borich Art map can bring The Loop to any room in your house. Starting at $45.

6. For the outdoors-loving Texan

This amazing pass gives access to all national parks across the United States, including Texas’ Big Bend, Guadalupe Mountains National Park and these additional Lone Star State sites. $80. Free and discounted prices for volunteers and people with permanent disabilities. See usgs.gov for full details.

Whataburger lovers can stop stealing table tents. The Texas fast food chain is selling holiday table tents for $4 on its online shop. Other Whataburger holiday items include an ugly Christmas sweater and 1,737 piece restaurant building set. $39.99-$42.99.

7. For the T-shirt fan

From the Astrodome to Mattress Mack, the T-shirts at Houstorian are superior Houston and Texas fun. There are even a few choices for the Austinite you may know.

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