'Protect them like they are your own': Emotionally charged Santa Fe High School board meeting

SANTA FE, Texas – Families of victims killed in the Santa Fe high school shooting rang a bell for each name, honoring their memory.

It was a somber start to an emotionally charged school board meeting. Santa Fe parents and victims' families were angry with the board, asking many of them to step down. 

Rose Stone who lost her son Chris in the shooting, brought her son's ashes to the meeting. She confronted the board over failed security measures.

“All I have is my son here in my bag because safety wasn't an issue and that's a big deal for me,” Stone said. 

Others expressed their discontent with the board by wearing these shirts with the letter F. The F stood for what they say is the board’s failure to keep students safe.

Sonia Lopez, whose daughter was shot and is still recovering, is demanding more be done against the students responsible for the latest threats made against several students a couple of weeks ago.

“We are asking for tougher consequences,” Lopez said.

“Stop victimizing our children by being lazy and (take) the high road to protect them like they are your own -- because they are,” said one Santa Fe mother.