Serial robbery suspect strikes again after being released from police custody, officials say

HOUSTON – Police are searching for a serial robber in the Houston area who they say is armed and dangerous.

Patrick Glavin is accused of being connected to almost a dozen robberies in Houston, Harris County and Arkansas.

The Houston Police Union told Channel 2 News authorities had him but then they let him go.

According to Houston police, Glavin was picked up for a series of armed robberies across the Houston area but then released.

Hours later, he robbed two more stores. The Houston Police Union said he shouldn't have been out in the first place.

"They filed charges on him here, and he had fled to Arkansas, where he got arrested in a robbery in Arkansas," said Houston Police Union Vice President Douglas Griffith.

Griffith said Patrick Glavin was then extradited back to Houston where he received deferred adjudication and was released on July 26.

"The minute he got out and was deferred, he went straight out, committed two robberies the following day, and it's my understanding he hit again last night in Porter," said Griffith.

According to court papers, Glavin was already facing charges for five robberies in Houston, two in Harris County, one in Baytown, one in League City and one in Arkansas when he was arrested.

After his release, authorities said he held up the pharmacist at the CVS in the 6000 block of Kirby Drive.

Wearing a baseball cap, sunglasses and a medical mask, he allegedly flashed a gun and passed her a note demanding bottles of hydrocodone and oxycodone. The pharmacist handed him a bag full the drugs and he took off.

Police said he then did the same at a Walgreen's in Missouri City.

"He's been arrested for seven or eight cases of the same robbery and they give him deferred! How do you get deferred adjudication when you already committed seven robberies? That is flat-out ridiculous," Griffith said.

Police said Glavin is still on the run.

KPRC 2 contacted the Harris County District Attorney's Office to see if we could get some insight on the case and the reasoning behind his release.

Dane Schiller, from Harris County District Attorney's Office, released the following statement:

“Patrick Glavin currently faces up to 20 years in prison if a judge finds that he has violated the terms and conditions of his deferred adjudication – a type of probation - for the unarmed robbery of a Walgreens pharmacy, where Glavin handed a note demanding narcotics to a pharmacist.

"At the time of his plea of guilty on July 18, Glavin had no other felony convictions on his record, nor other pending felony charges filed against him anywhere in Texas.

"Since his release from jail, Glavin has been charged with a similar robbery of a pharmacy on July 26
in Harris County. A warrant is currently issued for his arrest.”

Anyone with information on Galvin's whereabouts is asked to call the Houston Police Department

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