Child electrocuted in Texas rental home that mother says had electrical issues before

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NEW BOSTON, Texas – After their 10-year-old daughter was electrocuted Saturday in their New Boston, Texas, rental home, Scott Hendrix and Shelby Roos are speaking.

According to a report by KTAL-TV, Greenlee Buckley was looking for some baby kittens behind the family’s dryer when she was electrocuted.

“There was enough electricity when I grabbed the dryer that it knocked me back," Hendrix said. "And, between adrenaline and panic, I grabbed the dryer out of the wall and got my little girl. She was already gone.”

Greenlee’s parents claim they’ve had electrical issues in the rental home before.

“I had been shocked by the washer and shocked by the dryer, but in the back of my mind it was like a static electricity shock,” Roos said.

They said there were even problems in the bathroom. 

“If one of us took a shower in there and you hit your head on the shower knob you would get shocked,” Roos said.

The parents said they complained to their landlord, but claim only unlicensed people were sent to fix the problems, so they refused service. Now, they are warning others about addressing any electrical issues.

“If you are in a rental or you have a landlord, even if you’re in an apartment and you ever get shocked by something, don’t just write it off. Check into it,” Roos said.

The property owner said Tuesday he just found out about the situation and doesn’t know much about it.

Authorities said that if you think you have an electrical issue and need help solving it, contact your local law enforcement or the electric company. 

State inspectors are looking through the home while Greenlee’s body has been sent for an autopsy.

A GoFundMe account has been set up in honor of Greenlee’s passion, which was rescuing animals.