Blind man slammed by police officer in 'false' arrest, he says


A blind man claims he was slammed to the ground and falsely arrested by a Phoenix, Arizona police officer in an incident that was partially caught on camera by a bystander.

"He just came out of nowhere," an emotional Marco Zepeda says.

The incident happened on June 15 in a restroom at a QuikTrip gas station.

Zepeda said he was snapping his fingers and feeling around for the urinal, when he was shoved by the officer without warning.

He said he pushed the officer back and began wrestling with him, claiming he had no idea he was fighting with a police officer.

"He grabbed and he screamed at me 'I told you I was the police.' But he never did it. I swear to God he never did it," Zepeda said.

Witness Walter Gastelum was inside a stall at the time and recorded a 10-second Snapchat video of the incident.

In the video, Zepeda can be heard speaking both English and Spanish, saying "I'm blind" in English and "I'm blind. Do you see my eyes? Look." in Spanish.

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