Newsmakers for June 24: Children in immigration spotlight: What's next?

HOUSTON – The images of children and parents separated as they enter the United States, either illegally at unmarked border crossings or at ports of entry, have been gripping.

President Trump rescinded the separation of families policy last week but many questions remain. How many are too many to let into the U.S.? What can Congress do by way of legislation?

Professor Geoffrey Hoffman is the director of the Immigration Clinic at UH Law Center. He is a guest on this week’s "Houston Newsmakers" with Khambrel Marshall.

Hoffman said some of the current comments about how the U.S. is being invaded or invested with immigrants is “a racist, inhuman and objectionable way to talk.”

He said current statistics show that about 70 percent of immigration court cases are denied asylum and offers this website for accurate information: http://trac.syr.edu/immigration/reports/491/

Crime Stoppers expands focus on schools, victim advocacy

Crime Stoppers of Houston CEO Rania Mankarious, who is a guest this week, said her agency is expanding its mission as it helps first responders look for best practices to provide safer schools. That includes a recently completed summit for hundreds whose mission is to keep our children safe.

Crime Stoppers of Houston will also put more focus on the role that mental health plays in school violence. Also, longtime victim advocate Andy Kahan has come out of a short retirement to join Crime Stoppers to start a victim rights program.

“Crime victims are the only unwilling participants in the criminal justice system,” Kahan said. “It's the least we can do to have someone out there who can make sure that they have access to resources, to make sure their questions are answered and basically act as their voice .”

Rebuilding Together Houston teams with Exclusive Furniture

Christine Holland is the CEO of Rebuilding Together Houston. For 20 days, her organization is receiving 20 rooms of furniture from Exclusive Furniture as a part of its 20th-anniversary celebration. Sam Zavary is president and CEO of Exclusive Furniture.

“We reached out to them and said, 'Listen, it’s been 20 years,' and their marketing people said, 'Why don’t you do 20 rooms for 20 days for 20 years?' We said, 'That’s a great one. We’ll do that!" 

Find out how to get involved in the Rebuilding Together Houston program using the information below.

More information:
•   Geoffrey Hoffman LL.M, Director Immigration Clinic, UH Law Center
•   https://bit.ly/2lqnYFT
•   ghoffman@Central.uh.edu
•   Phone:713-743-2100
•    Twitter: @UHLAW  
•    Rania Mankarious, CEO Crime Stoppers of Houston
•    https://bit.ly/2tnbjIj    
•    Phone: 713-521-4600 
•    Twitter: @CrimeStopHOU 
•    Andy Kahan, Crime Stoppers of Houston Victims and Advocacy
•     https://bit.ly/2tnbjIj     
•    Phone: 713-521-4600
•    Twitter: @CrimeStopHOU
•    Christine Holland, CEO Rebuilding Together Houston 
•    www.rebuildinghouston.org  
•    Phone: 713-659-2511 
•    Twitter: @RebuildingHou 
•    Sam Zavory, President & CEO Exclusive Furniture
•    www.exclusivefurniture.com
•    Phone: 713-777-0606
•    Twitter: @excluFurniture

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