12-year-old with autism accused of making threatening gesture in classroom

CONROE, Texas – A Conroe mother says that her son, who has autism, was handcuffed and detained after he was accused of making a threatening gesture in the classroom.

Amy Simms said her 12-year-old son was talking with his friends in the classroom at Bozman Intermediate about BB guns when he was escorted out of the room.

“An officer puts handcuffs on him and takes him out through the front door in front of everyone where he is humiliated," she said.

J.D. Lambright, with the Montgomery County Attorney's Office said that the boy was taken to the Montgomery County Juvenile Detention Center and then released to his family.

Simms said that administrators told her that the teacher felt threatened. She said that her son has austim and didn't understand his actions. 

“He doesn't understand why, I don’t understand why. He didn't attack anyone, he didn't put his hands on anyone, he didn't even threaten anyone," Simms said. 

Conroe ISD would not comment on the case but released this statement to Channel 2.

"While we are unable to comment specifically on student discipline due to privacy laws, any actions or statements that are threatening in nature are taken seriously. Campus administrators work with Conroe ISD Police to investigate and address all matters in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct and the laws of the State of Texas. Actions or statements containing specific elements are responded to in a manner that will initiate access to the appropriate support resources, and situations involving students with special needs are responded to with consideration for each unique need. Conroe ISD administrators along with the Conroe ISD Police Department do everything possible to make Conroe ISD a safe place for all of our employees and students."

Simms says that the district told her harassment charges would be filed and her son must attend an alternative disciplinarian education center.

Lambright's office handles juveniles cases and said that since the shooting at Parkland High School, Montgomery County has had 30 reported cases of threats made at schools.

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