Song becomes kindness anthem for schools across the nation

Fairfield, Conn. – A song has become an anthem of kindness for schools around the country.

"Nothing More" is the theme song for an organization called Newtown Kindness, now the Charlotte Helen Bacon Foundation. 

"Nothing More" got an early break. It was featured on a television show and the Sochi Olympics.

“I felt like the song happened -- almost like it happened to us,” Tim Warren, one of the song’s writers, said. 

Eric Donnelly, fellow songwriter, added, “There's been a handful of times like today when we get to perform it with the kids -- that never gets old, that feeling when you start playing the song and all these voices jump in. It's a pretty incredible thing.” 

The line, "We are how we treat each other and nothing more" resonates, especially with the students in these turbulent times.” 

“I think the thing that lyric does level the playing field,” Warren said. “We must treat each other well and everyone knows what that feels like.”

“The idea of the tune was to be a call to action,” Donnelly said. 

“It has an effect on people that's the affect they want to see in the world that they live in,” Warren said.  

Watch the full song in the official music video below.