How to get your hands on some boudin and crawfish kolaches

A twist on this National Kolache Day


HOUSTON – On this National Kolache Day, this Cajun girl is about to blow your mind.

There are kolaches out there stuffed with yummy Cajun goodness. I’m talking about boudin and crawfish.

I do not know of any places that have them in the Houston area (if you know of a place, PLEASE let me know!) So for now, I just have to get my fill when I visit my hometown, Lake Charles.

If you ever find yourself driving east on I-10 into Louisiana, there are several places that make them.

Delicious Donuts on Country Club Road has crawfish kolaches. The mixture of crawfish, peppers and three different types of cheese is mouth-watering.

Happy Donuts on Ryan Street has kolaches stuffed with boudin. If you love boudin and you love kolaches, this is a match made in heaven.

Lake Charles now has a Shipley Do-Nuts on Nelson Road, and it is satisfying all those Cajun taste buds with its version of a boudin kolache. We all know they do donuts well, but just wait until you get one of these in your belly.

Keep these places in mind the next time you cross the state line and have a craving for kolaches. Also, help a homesick girl out and let me know in the comments if you find any creative Cajun dishes you think I should try in Houston.