Angry mother displays what she says is her miscarried fetus at meeting

RICHMOND, Va. – A mother of three gave an emotional plea to Richmond, Virginia's city council Tuesday night, calling for better living conditions in the city's public housing neighborhoods.

Sha'Ronda Taylor shocked everyone in attendance when she displayed what she said was her miscarried fetus.

Taylor said she moved out of her Creighton Court apartment due to lack of heating and a mice infestation that went on for months.

She said the Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority, which manages the city's public housing properties, put her family in a hotel. However, Taylor says there was no stove to cook food.

Taylor said the ultimate stress of the situation caused her to lose her job and have a miscarriage.

"Since I've been in this heating situation, and the mouse infested situation, I have quit my job because I had a miscarriage. This is a baby, and my embryo egg that I can no longer carry. I sat here watching people holding their babies in the back, when I'm holding my baby in this cup, that I have to take back in the freezer. So that's why I quit my job because why work through the poverty, why get up everyday, why educate myself when we're getting nowhere not being heard or seen?" said Taylor.

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