By the numbers: Estimated cleanup efforts made along Buffalo Bayou

HOUSTON – Six months after Hurricane Harvey, our waterways still have lots of debris to be removed.

The Harris County Flood Control District said while a lot has been cleaned up, there is still a lot of work to go.

Here are the cleanup efforts by the numbers the district has estimated:

An estimated 135,000 cubic yards of fallen trees and other debris was left behind after Hurricane Harvey.

The debris was deposited at hundreds of spots in channels throughout Harris County.

More than 101,339 cubic yards of debris has been collected from throughout the county.

A contractor sent out multiple crews to pick up the debris.

Ten- to 12-foot-wide access paths are needed to access the debris. Reaching the debris is one of the biggest challenges of cleanup. The Harris County Flood Control District said many of the waterways are along private property which crews cannot access without permission.

Heavy equipment is needed in many areas to remove the debris. Smaller tractors and other equipment can lessen the impact on property.

You can report the blockages by clicking link here, or call (713) 684-4197.