VIDEO: 93-year-old woman arrested after refusing to be evicted from home

EUSTIS, Fla. – A 93-year-old woman was caught on camera struggling with police officers as she was being removed from her specialized living community after failing to pay her rent.

Police said during the eviction, Juanita Fitzgerald was asked several times to leave Franklin House, a specialized living community, but refused to do so.

Fitzgerald did not to listen to the officers' commands to take her belongings and leave the property, and she told deputies she would not leave unless they carried her out, authorities said.

Officers said while they were attempting to escort Fitzgerald out of the building, the 93-year-old intentionally slid out of her wheelchair and onto the floor of the complex.

She was heard screaming while wrestling with officers during the incident. 

Fitzgerald was arrested and charged with trespassing. She was released and turned over to a caretaker on Thursday. 

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