Teen arrested for animal cruelty after cat-throwing video goes viral

Police in Ontario, California have arrested a 16-year-old after footage of a kitten being thrown into the air and landing in a street went viral on Twitter over the weekend.

The video shows a teen holding a white kitten while someone records on a cellphone. The teen launches the kitten, and it soars through the air before landing in the middle of a street. The kitten can be heard meowing in distress on the pavement before the video ends.

Watch the video below. [WARNING: GRAPHIC]

if y’all know this kid just let him know I want his fade pic.twitter.com/pAtIyrrXx3

— Donald 🌻 (@_donaldberry) December 2, 2017

The kitten suffered a fractured leg, according to a statement made Saturday on the Ontario Police Department's Twitter:

On Monday, police released a statement saying they arrested a suspect who ran from officers before being tackled:

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